Skirted Bathtubs that Perform for Years

Skirted bathtubs bring a polished look to bathrooms without breaking the bank.

This style has a finished side that runs along the entire length of the tub, concealing the plumbing and subfloor.

Skirted tubs save space by anchoring into bathroom walls. Our skirted Prince tub can also be combined with a surround to add a shower.

Our skirted tubs are available in 5-foot and 6-foot lengths, as wells as garden tubs or jetted/hydrotherapy systems.

No matter the style or options you need, premium tubs by Royal Baths are made to last for years. We design them to retain their glossy acrylic finish and resist cracks.

Need quality bath solutions that exceed builder-grade fiberglass? We ship our tubs nationwide to homebuilders and multifamily developers of all sizes.

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