The Royal Edge for Custom Countertops

After selecting the material, color and pattern, edge treatments are the final detail for custom stone countertops from Royal Manufacturing.

Want a bar top that stands out at a restaurant? Or a countertop that seamlessly blends with a modern kitchen or bathroom?

We can help you find the right edge style for your project, whether it’s new residential or commercial construction in Texas, North Carolina or South Carolina.

Edge Thickness

Once you’ve settled on an edge treatment, you can also customize the thickness.

Our granite and quartz edges are available in three widths:

2 cm (3/4”)

3 cm (1 ¼”)

4 cm (1 ½”)


These specialty edges add extra elegance and eye-catching features to your countertops.


These edges are some of our most popular—and most reasonable—options.


As timeless classics, traditional edges complement most any style of home or commercial application.


We tailor these edges to your project’s specific needs.

Specialty Edge Treatments

Not seeing the edge treatment you want or need something special? This is just a small sample of what we offer.