Formed through extreme heat and pressure deep beneath the earth’s surface, granite is naturally beautiful and tough enough to withstand years of everyday use.

Granite has a brilliant polish and is virtually impervious to abrasions, stains and heat.

Because no two slabs of granite are the same, each countertop features one-of-a-kind shades and patterns, like veins, specks and swirls.

With hundreds of granite colors to choose from, we can help you find the right shade to compliment your residential or commercial construction project in Texas or the Carolinas. We specialize in projects of all sizes—from new single-family homes to restaurants.

We’re conveniently located in Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC.

Why Granite?


Granite is a naturally hard stone.


Granite is difficult to damage.


Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth.


We seal every stone surface we install to protect against oil and water.


Clean using warm water and a mild soap, such as dish detergent.

Choose Your Color

Because granite is a natural product, it’s subject to color variation. Sometimes that variation is significant.

Our samples are a representation. The granite you receive may differ slightly in color and veining from the sample. The color of a granite slab can also vary from one end to the other.

High-level granite has more movement, or pattern, within the stone. Our most unique high-movement colors must be hand-selected by appointment at one of our stone showrooms or partner showrooms.

Granite is a natural commodity, so certain colors may be unavailable at times due to conditions beyond our control.

Granite Colors

Don’t see the color or pattern you are looking for? Please contact us and we will be glad to help you find the perfect color!

Customization Options

Undermount sinks are an upgrade with varying charges based on the project. Our process includes cutting the sink hole with a standard positive overhang. Negative overhang must be requested at the initial order.

Then, we smooth and polish the sink hole edges before mounting the sink to the stone with silicone, epoxy and mechanical supports.

Edge pricing may vary by profile and thickness. Radius corners of tops can be included, but may have additional charges if they exceed the typical 1” radius.

There may be extra charges for radius or arched counters, depending on the radius size.

Contact us for more information on how we can customize your countertops.

Royal Countertops Limited Warranty

We offer our residential and commercial customers a one-year limited warranty on installed quartz countertops.

Countertop material manufacturers have different warranty lengths and client requirements. Please see the manufacturer website for specific material warranties per product.

Granite Service Areas

Our granite countertops are limited to a 100-mile delivery radius of our stone fabrication locations in Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC.